Driftless Prairies: Native Habitat Restoration

Nature inspires awe!

Bostrichidae (Horned Powder post Beetles)

These beetles will also go by the name of Twig or Branch borers. They get this common name from the larval habit of boring into various types wood products, including dead limbs, furniture, and seasoned wood. The Powder post name comes from the frass left in the tunnels they make. Another common name applied to these beetles is Shot hole borers; this is because some species exit holes are close together.

After excavating, vertically into hard woods, females will lay their eggs and die at the entrance tunnel. This serves the purpose of blocking this from predators and parasitoids.

The larvae excavate horizontally with each generation going deeper and deeper into the wood. This may sound extravagant but most species prefer small twigs, vines or branches, hence another of their common names. This doesn’t discount those robust ones that attack the larger stumps, trunks, and limbs!