Driftless Prairies: Native Habitat Restoration

Nature inspires awe!

Syrphidae (Flower Flies)

Flower flies are considered the butterflies of the Diptera world. Most of the 6,000 species look similar to bees and wasps. This family is the most important of all our insect pollinators. Because they do not collect the pollen and nectar, but rather they are looking for meals of the pollen and nectar, they visit many flowers in their search. One European study stated that 80% of their flowers were pollinated by Flower Flies. An most interesting to me is that a diversity of plants equals a diversity of flower flies as well!! With that, I’m hoping that I will be adding to this list a great deal more in the years to come!

Syrphid larvae eat aphids. They do so by swinging their upper bodies side to side until they bump into an aphid. When they suck the aphid dry, they also keep their upper bodies up and away from the plant surface. In this way, the aphid cannot run away.

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