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Hymenoptera – Wasps

Wasps are not easy to categorize. They are predatory wasps, solitary wasps, digger wasps, and sand wasps. Knowing what a wasp is hunting and where it nests is a big clue to narrowing down it down to at least the genus level.

Agathis sp
Aleiodes burrus

Crabonidae (Apoid Wasps)
Astata sp
Lestica sp

Cynipidae (Gall Wasps)
Antistrophus silphii – Silphium Gall Wasp

Euplectrus sp

Anomalon sp
Coleocentrus rufus
Cryptus albitarsis

Macrocentrus sp
Megarhyssa atrata
Megarhyssa macrurus
Odontocolon sp
Pimpla sp
Poemenia sp
Spilopteron sp
Therion sp
Theronia hilaris

Mutillidae (Velvet Ants)
Timulla sp

Pomplinidae (Spider Wasps)
Caliadurgus hyalinatus
Episyron biguttatus
Poecilopompilus interruptus

Sphecidae (Thread-waisted Wasps)
Bembix spp

Vespidae (Yellowjackets and Hornets, Paper Wasps; Potter, Mason and Pollen Wasps)
Dolichovespula maculata – Bald-faced Hornet
Eumenes fraternus
Euodynerus foraminatus – Mason Wasps
Polistes dominula – European Paper Wasp
Polistes fuscatas – Northern Paper Wasp
Vespula flavopilosa – Downy Yellowjacket
Vespula germanica – German Yellowjacket
Vespula maculifrons – Eastern Yellowjacket