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Treating Canada Goldenrod – Follow Up

We did a cut and treat method in the fall of 2013 after the Canada Goldenrod (Solidago canadensis) had bloomed. It appeared to be successful after a weeks when we could see the plants were dying but the real test was what would happen a year later. You can check out the original blog post. Here’s a couple of photos I took on 30 July 2014 of the area that was thick with Canada Goldenrod. As you can see, there is no Canada Goldenrod!



Our analysis is that this treatment worked. Best of all, it’s minimal effort, minimal herbicide, and minimal collateral damage.

Ah….sweet success!




  1. thanks for the info. I thought I had to cut closer to the ground. good to know it works at standing level.
    try filling a bingo dauber with the glyphosate and then maybe you can cut with one hand and dab with the other.

    • Driftless Prairies says:

      A bingo dabber sounds like a great idea!! I’m usually cutting with the manual hedge trimmers so I can cut several stems at one time. We just did another 1/2 acre or more in a planting on some land we bought this summer. We’ll overseed that area this winter.

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