Restoring Habitat

One Acre at a Time

We are restoring 60 acres to native – connecting people with nature and wildlife with habitats.

Deer Camp Prairie

There are “50 ways to right” when restoring land to native habitat. Which method you choose at which time depends on your goals and your resources.

Marci Hess

Life is a journey! So much to learn!!

Environmental management activities and techniques for restoring native haabitat are endless and diverse! We use a combination of hands-on experience and scientific research. This means lots and lots of interesting things are happening at Driftless Prairies and we discover successful new techniques regularly. It seemed a shame to keep these to ourselves, hence the creation of this site. We have a great time learning about the world around us and experimenting with new things.  Life truly is a journey!

We have 35 acres of restored prairies, 5 acres of remnant prairie, 15 acres of remnant oak savanna, and 5 acres of remnant oak/hickory woods which we have cleared of invasive species (plants and trees) and we continue to monitor. Prairie restoration is so much work but so much fun!!

This work will be a labor of love for years to come. I hope you can learn from our journey and if you post comments, we look forwaord to learning from you as well! 

Enjoy some beautiful photos in this gallery...