Restoring Diversity

One Acre at a Time

Driftless Prairies is 60 acres of restored native habitat. It includes remnant prairie, remnant oak savanna, remnant oak/hickory woods, and planted prairies.

In June, 3 months after the CSG treatments.

Driftless Prairies is restoring and managing native ecosystems for biodiversity. Our practices and techniques are driven by this tenet. We’ve done a deep dive researching various aspects to overcome the fallacies of dogma. The more we learn, the more we’re able to design combinations of techniques that reduce collateral damage and undesired results. Oh yes, we’ve made mistakes for sure! Researching and understanding the biological explanation for certain management techniques, lead to better balancing of the trade offs. Land must be managed.

Our hope by sharing this time-consuming research and biological explanations is that it will enhance your restoration journey. Maybe pique your creativity and you’ll share your innovations with us!

Restoration is a Creative Journey!

When restoring and managing native habitat, there are “50 ways to right,” meaning what is right for your land might not be right for another’s.

Marci Hess

Enjoy some of these images of our land…