Insect Inventory

Insects are the most important part of our world. Without insects, we would not have birds, reptiles, amphibians, or small mammals because they serve as the necessary protein for rearing those young. Insects require native plants to “host” their young. When non-native plants replace native plants, we lose insect habitat and ultimately the insects.

In 2013, I started photographing and documenting those at Driftless Prairies. A few years later, I began vouchering them for the Wisconsin Insect Research Collection. Lafayette County has little known about insects in our county and my work will change that.

Insects that overwinter have adapted only 1 stage of their lifecycle to survive the cold.  Overwintering strategies differ by species but can be as eggs, larvae, pupae, or adults. Lepidoptera, as an order, has the most diverse methods of overwintering in their families and species but seldom do they overwinter as caterpillars. There are exceptions though! There are always exceptions!

Because this inventory is much more complex and numerous, they are listed by order then within that link, you’ll find the details.