Neuroptera (Antlions, Lacewings, & Allies)

Lacewings are the most common insect in this order. Neuroptera are soft-bodied with delicate, many-veined wings, which they hold roof-like over their bodies. The adult form of this order are common and widely distributed throughout the world.

Chrysopidae (Green Lacewings)
Chrysoperla rufilabris

There are around 90 species of Green lacewings. This species is the only one occuring in eastern North America. They are considered to be beneficial insects. Adults are found sipping nectar and honeydew and eating pollen. The larvae, called antlions, are the predacious ones – eating a variety of soft-bodied insects or rather sucking their insides out! Both adults and larvae enjoy feeding on aphids.

Lacewings overwinter as larvae under loose, dry bark.

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