Mammal Inventory

This is just a few that I’ve seen for certain. We have a trail cam that we like to use but it hasn’t identified any critter that we haven’t seen personally….yet!!!

My hope is to do a small mammall inventory some day. I’m waiting for one of my expert friends to come visit!

Bat, Big Brown – Eptesicus fuscus
Bat, Little Brown — Myotis lucifugus
Bobcat — Lynx rufus
Chipmunks , Eastern — Tamias striatus
Coyote — Canis latrans
Deer, White-tailed — Odocoileus virginianums
Fox, Red — Vulpes vulpes
Ground squirrel, Thirteen-lined – Ictidomys tridecemlineatus

Mink — Mustela vision
Mole: Eastern mole or Common mole — Scalopus aquaticus
Mouse, Deer — Peromyscus maniculatus
Mouse, House — Mus musculus
Opossum, Virginia — Didelphis virginiana
Rabbit, Eastern Cottontail — Sylvilagus floridanus
Raccoon , Common — Procyon lotor
Shrew, Northern short-tailed — Blarina brevicauda
Skunk — Spilogale putorius or  Mephitis mephitis
Squirrel, Eastern Gray — Sciurus carolinensis