It’s Turkey Time!!

It’s mating time for the Wild Turkey. I never tire of seeing these guys. To me, they are a fascinating critter and mating season is a super cool time. We can hear the turkeys for miles around as they “gobble, gobble, gobble.” Some evenings, it can almost be called raucous, although I tend to reserve that description for the Sand Hill Cranes.

Turkeys crossing the road
75 total turkeys crossing the road

Wild turkey
This turkey was huge!

We often will see a group of these guys crossing the road, single file. You just stop the car and watch! We call it the “turkey turnpike.” It’s good to see so many around; it’s proof that the restoration efforts are successful. Hard to believe that in the late 1800s, the wild turkeys were extirpated and had to be reintroduced, but it validates my excitement at seeing something most folks think of as commonplace.
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