Management & Applied Science

Management and Applied Science

Make it easy on yourself!

Navigating the myriad of advice becomes easier
when you ask one simple question:

What’s the biological explanation for that?

Ecosystem management techniques are pretty basic (e.g. mow, burn, graze, etc). Their effectiveness is how they are combined and that effectiveness is governed by the landscape and the management goals.

Ecological restoration practices based on unproven assumptions or narrowly focused goals need to be re-examined. It’s good to re-evaluate what we “think we know.” New research and new information is continually available . The more I learn, the more I realize how little I know or how stuck I was in my thinking.

The overarching goal for healthy ecosystems needs to ensure our focus is not undermined or overly influenced by traditional management techniques and practices not substantiated by science.

Anecdotal information has value but one must sift through it. We need to keep a questioning and curious outlook. What works on one person’s land might not work on ours. After all, it’s nature and no two land parcels are the same. If we know the science, success is greatly enhanced.

“Remember, these are tools, not rules. They work outside the territory of right and wrong, and inside the land of cause and effect.”

Roy Peter Clark