Naturalist Tidbits

Nature piques my curiosity. This page is be a compilation of tidbits, guides, and  interesting info. Getting answers to the myriad of questions makes me happy. 

CODIT — Compartmentalization of Decay in Trees

“The CODIT system is based on two major points. First, a tree is a highly compartmented plant. Second, after a tree is wounded, the resulting defects are compartmentalized. ” – From the NRCS link which is a 76-page graphic illustration of how the tree does this. Excellent reference!

Learning Bird Song

A list of mneumonics for learning bird song.

Mneumonics, 100 Plus Ways to Speak Bird

A bird song quiz to help:

Photo by Ted Keyel

Poison ivy in spring. Photo by Chris Noll

Poison Ivy

A fun quiz and a list of some of the wildlife using poison ivy.