Plant List for Overseeding to Mitigate Goldenrod

Overseeding is a must for mitigating Tall goldenrod populations. In restorations, the competitive ability of other plants is crucial (Werner and Platt 1976). Tall goldenrod’s vegetative spread and seed production increases with disturbance and decreases with community species richness (Emery & Gross 2006, Abrahamsom and Gadgil 1973).

The optimal seed mix has yet to be tested because there are few studies of how surrounding plants are affected by clonal ones (Hartnett & Bazzazz 1985).

Through observations of several restoration practitioners, a partial plant list has been compiled. These are plants (common name then botanical name) found growing within or tightly to the outside of clones. These species seem to successfully compete with goldenrod, and thus may be good ones to use for overseeding.