Research Sites: Websites, newsletters, etc.

I won’t load this page with every possible website, newsletter, etc. I will list those I find most helpful.

IowaInsects listserv – This is a great place for asking questions or learning more about insects in a comfortable, friendly manner.

IowaNativePlants listserv – I’ve had some good conversations on this listserv. Lots of varied thoughts and lots of experiences.

JSTOR now has access for individuals that are not associated with a research university through their JPASS program. And it’s affordable!

Techline Invasive Plant News – not only is this website chocked full of great info, you get a newsletter twice a year if you sign up and you can get an e-newsletter monthly. This is sponsored by Dow AgroServices and the info is very good. Some of my favorites are the articles about understanding herbicides and calibrating your equipment.